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GBM Master Prize for Michelle Rademacher

Since 2006, the Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie (GBM) has been honoring the best master's thesis in Germany. Usually, excellent graduates in biochemistry, molecular biology, and molecular medicine are awarded. At this year's award ceremony of the GBM Master Prize 2022 during the yearly Night of Biochemistry on June 28, 2023, a special event took place: For the first time, this prize was awarded to a chemist, namely our PhD student Michelle Rademacher!

Michelle did her master's thesis at the Chair of Molecular Physical Chemistry (MPC) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Claus Seidel. In this work, she studied DNA origami structures using STED-FRET methodology. Combining the high-resolution microscopy technique STED with FRET-based spectroscopy gave her structural information on the (sub)nanometer length scale. Congrats to Michelle!

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